Monday, March 23, 2009

New for 2009

Simple Landscapes....

Utilizing various techniques of watercolor, acrylic, and a combination of watercolor pencil.....

Plein Air Painting and Artwork are a new avenue that I've always wanted to explore, and now I'm going for it...

Combining impressionist styles and philosophies shared to me by other artists, a close friend, and recent retreat workshops, I am putting these new learned ideas into practice. I'm enjoying the results and hope you will too.

Image #1
Landscape in Spring with Flower Garden - Watercolor Pencil - 12" x 12"

Image #2
Golden Horizon - Acrylic on Canvas
4" x 6"

Image #3
Ocean Sky I, II, III
Acrylic on Canvas...
each is 12" x 3" designed to be positioned side by side

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