Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Mantilla Poppy - "Fried Egg Poppy"

"Fried Egg Poppy"
will be featured as my entry at the Arroyo Arts Collective / Avenue 50
"Dog Days of Summer" show curated by Dulce Stein

I selected this original oil from my current "California Gold" collection as this flower is the true gem of summer blooms.  Blooming from Late may to Mid July it takes on the dry, hot, California sunshine with lovely tissue paper like blooms with vibrant yellow middles, attracting bees to their SUNNY SIDE UP FRIED EGG centers.  

This piece will be available for purchase and delivered after the close of the show.

Contact me directly, or the Gallery to arrange delivery and installation.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

"Morning Coves" - Palos Verdes - Plein Air - July 2nd.

On Monday I went up to Palos Verdes to get a morning of painting in.
I was enjoying the cool morning with scattered clouds and watched as the sun broke through.

 After blocking in the sky and figuring out where my earth, sea and sky should meet, I quickly figured out where the deepest shade of blue in the water should be.  With the sky constantly changing in tandem with the water currents, this will always be a challenge for me.

When you consider this to be my office window on a Monday Morning.... who's complaining?

I'm certainly appreciative!

Sky full of cotton balls, I opted for a more textured representation of clouds... deep and fluffy.

I have learned that watching where the shore is in relation to specific landmarks is important.  These things change as the tide comes in and out.

While painting with a group of ladies, we are often stopped by joggers or walkers who ask questions and chat with us.  It is a pleasure to interact with those admiring our work.

This week the others were using pastels, watercolors, pencil sketch, and I was using oils.

As everyone else packed up and went off for the day, I stayed a few minutes longer as oils just take a bit more time to clean up... wiping brushes, securing my rolling case, my trash (oily paper towels) and as I was set up on a beach towel and had my larger case with me I was just taking my time, enjoying the sun that was now blazing! 

One of the joggers on her return trek stopped to talk with me, and by the end of the conversation she was now the owner of my "fresh of the easel" painting.

I titled it "Morning Coves" and it is an 8" x 10" oil on canvas board, on it's way to Dallas, Texas!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Plein Air - Out in the Open. - "Lady Gibson, Painter (1781)"

Suzanne Gibson / Plein Air - Live Painting and Demonstrations

I have been keeping up with my plein air painting, and in the process am learning much about myself and the mediums I'm working with.

I prefer Oil, but dabble in Acrylic and use Watercolor for quick studies or when I know transporting oils would be more stress than success.

Here's a little update about what I've done, and where I'm going next!

December 2017 - I played at the dry dock in Newport Beach, with Debra Huse and other artists.  This was a fun challenge.


From then, I joined a local group of South Bay Plein Air Painters to just gather and paint and practice.  We've met at various local spots, including my favorite at Point Vicente in Palos Verdes.

Over spring break I went up the coast to San Simeon and Hearst Castle, on the way home we stopped at Morro Beach and I painted while my daughter played.  Here you can see I put everything in a bucket and toted it onto the beach.  I kept it small under the umbrella and on a blanket...

So Now I'm planning to combine my 3 loves:  Art Demonstrations, Plein Air Painting, and teaching Historical Painting....  by creating a Living Painting History - as a "Lady Gibson, Circa 1781"  around the age of Romanticism in Art was beginning.  Influences of this era would be English and French Painters: Gainsborough, Monet, and Blake... Poets and Writers: Wordsworth, Yeats, and Caroll.
Washington and Hamilton were busy building the United States, and Marie Antoinette of France was being painted by Elizabeth Vigée Le Brun... (who I am modeling my presentation from)

 My Travel Set Up will vary according to how far I need to walk or if I can drive up and park.  Back pack or rolling? It all depends.

This is my past travel set-up.  I'm forgoing the large pop-up for the Plein air demonstrations as It is too cumbersome, and have elected to recycle the Sunbrella from our patio (shown with table here) as my shade.  It is large enough to provide me shade if my location is set for the event.

I will have a FEW paintings for sale and a sampling of what I teach.

for the Costume: I am modelling my outfit on this image, a self-portrait of Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun (1781). Including the Hat!  
Stay Tuned!!!

Elizabeth Vigée Le Brun

 Here are some other images that I've painted. 

Photo Reference: Redondo Beach / King Harbor, Painting / Salon - "Portofino"

This painting was done after an early morning walk after a storm.  The air was crisp and fresh.  I took a walk, took this photo... went home and painted it within 2 hours it was done!  Quick!

Antique Car - Uruguay
 This car was photographed by my friends brother.  He posted and shared it and I just HAD TO PAINT IT.  I took the opportunity to try painting on RAW BURLAP which was a unique experience.

It was started at 11:45 a.m. and complete by 1:30 p.m. / yes, a quick painting, even by my own standards... I'm very pleased with this piece.  It is part of our personal collection, it comes with me for special events as a sample of what I can do!
Slo-Lee Ranch - Harvest Ball / Live Painting
 Every Autumn our Family is invited to a Harvest Ball.  The last time we went I was able to set up and paint from the corner of the party.  It was fun to capture the movement, the lights, and enjoy the festivities.  I gave the painting to the host of the party!

Pt. Fermin Palms / Plein Air 

Early morning walks in San Pedro are wonderful in July!  This is one of my favorite photos, which very quickly became a canvas!

 King Harbor - Yacht / Quick Sketch Local walks with my kids and dogs produce fun pictures too!  Especially when the lighting is this good!from the Kayak

A little fresh air with my son produced a few fun photos, which have become quick studies.  This yacht is one of them!

"Lake Alondra" Dusk.

 Fruit and Flowers / Still-Life Study

Back in the studio, there's something about a still-life set up that is just fun.  Especially when I can eat the fruit while I'm working!

I hope you have enjoyed the introduction to my art, and would be interested in classes, workshops or a live demonstration!  Private, group or classroom settings are available for churches, clubs, girl or boy scout troops, and various organizations.  Please contact Suzanne Gibson (Lady Gibson, Painter) for further information or scheduling.

(310) 739-5978

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Poppies and 🌴 Trees

Poppies and Palm Trees

Being in Sunny California.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Painting California

Little By Little,
Painting By Painting,
Poppy By Poppy,
Park By Park.

My mission to paint California images,
From Beaches and Streams,
Mountains and Monuments,
Parkland, Wetlands, Coastal Valleys,
Glacial Peaks, Towering Redwoods,
Ocean Cliffs, and Grand Bridges...

California is home for me, and I want to,capture its beauty,...

Paintings, Poppies, Watercolors, Waterfalls,
Marshland, Mixed Media,
and more.
Morro Bay Beaches / Oil

Hearst Castle Evening Palm / Photo

Cherry Blossom 
Torrance Cherry Blossom Frestival

Santa Monica Bay from Manhattan Beach

Downtown Los Angeles

Point Vicente Lighthouse

California Landscape

Golden Dune Poppies

Los Angeles from Palos Verdes

Spring on the Marsh
Madrona Marsh Preserve

Excited to share as i build my Caifornia Collections...


California Citrus
Death Valley
Various Beaches
Antelope Valley Wildfowers
Arroyo Seco Bridge - Pasadena
Red Rock Canyon
Hearst Castle
Pacific Panorama

Friday, January 5, 2018

"Bursting Botanical" - 18" x 18" Oil on Canvas

Original Oil Painting by Suzanne Gibson

"Bursting Botanical" 

is the first in my 18 canvas project for 2018...

and you are invited to see the work as it is produced!!!
Now, for those of you getting a sneak peek of this work in progress,... It is still a blank canvas.  

My goal to produce 18 canvases, that are 18" x 18" in 2018 is now under way.  First of all I posted a survey for image ideas and inspiration... so yes, I've got a pretty good idea of what I'll be working on... the first is my own.... Flowers from my own garden, and then a surprise of IRIS and SUNFLOWERS from the shop --- in JANUARY?  Yeah, I was surprised by the Iris...  Couldn't help myself.  So I'm combining them for this first image. 

I took my reference photos and still have the bouquets on my dining table.... enjoying them... watching the roses open, and irises open daily.  The Sunflowers and Pink Carnations are just glowing.    I will update and post progress pictures as they are ready.  Here are my "inspiration photos" to give you an idea of my color palette and process.


To Purchase this Canvas:  Please use this link.

for other questions... please visit me on FB or Twitter / and or send me an e-mail.