Video Portfolio - October 2021

October 2021 Here's a little peek into the Art, Studio, Travel and Teaching by Suzanne Gibson To learn more, visit the Instagram page @SuzanneArtist Art Lessons with Suzanne @SuzanneGibsonArtist  or Suzanne's Art School on FaceBook email and more:  

April 2021 - Quick 5 Day Challenge / 5 New Paintings

 ROOSTERS a new collection in a variety of mediums. Today's Entry is a "Rooster" in Pastel on Gray Textured Paper / 12" x 12". Sketched in approximately 30 minutes while teaching my students how to draw a rooster!

Behind the Scenes: Who is in my back pocket?

Every once in a while it is important to stop and assess where I am and how I got here. It is so important to recognize the important people around you, and  those who have an influence on you and your business and a positive and productive energy that is a compliment to your life, and your business and your overall life and lifestyle.    In our current "Covid" climate it is essential to realize that adaption is needed, as is a little bit of "Thank you" and "Here ya go" to keep us all moving forward. So my Family: yes... of course my parents, brother & husband, as well as my kids...  Certainly support me and realize my spontaneous, creative visions are sometimes like a kaleidoscope... colorful, chaotic, confusing, but ultimately encapsulated for your viewing pleasure! My Friends: Those that show up.... Those that support....  Those that give a shout out....  You know who you are.  Creative supporters who by your very presence keep me functioning behind

Collectors Corners Q&A

As an art collector.... what draws you to a piece of art?  What inspires you to take a closer look? Do you seek out a particular color or theme,  or do you learn about individual artist?  What is important? What do you care about? As an artist I am always seeking that connection.  There's an inner voice that speaks to me that encourages me to share with you. Join me on FB/Zoom for some upcoming chats on Art, New Projects, and a Q & A session.   February: 13 / Love Letters March: 27 / Impression Expression Visit @suzanneartist Put your questions in the comments below so that I can respond during the upcoming chats! Cheers! Suzanne

Searching for Inspiration: 2021

Sometimes I just need to search through my own photos of past projects, and past inspirations to decide what to paint next.  Or what to teach next?   There's a reason I keep a photo journal of my ideas. "Simon" The Simon series, inspired by my brother's name, and name art.  It has become a basic lesson I teach all my students.  It is also a great "Commission" work, as I've done several dozen with other names for clients.  Ranging from a sample size 4" x 6" for a baby, to a grand family name as a Wedding Gift.  Customize  your own color scheme! "Pink and Yellow Roses" photographed after picking fresh from my mothers garden. Still planning a large bouquet canvas with this idea.  I love the structure of the frame and the contemporary print from the Guggenheim in the reflection.  I'm partial to my kids racecars on the mantle too... I guess it marks a moment in time... Taking a neighborhood walk... sometimes a small vignette, like this