Dearest Art Friend: Let's Travel!

In preparation for an art journey,  I am packed. I have books. I have Journal Materials. I have art supplies. I have tickets, reservations, plane, trains, and cars, and boats... I have maps, itineraries,  and my sweetest companion 😍.  I am ready!

Christmas in July: Small Works and Miniatures, and an Invitation...

Christmas in July! Small works, miniatures and ornaments designed, created, and painted in France during the PleinAir Tour.  Watch for Daily Specials and Buying Opportunities. . I will also be considering my 2023 Calendar Images this month and will start taking Presales.  25% of each sale goes towards fundraising for the ArtGAP.  Selected pieces for Limited Edition Prints. Figurative Drawings and Thumbnail Sketches Created in France will be part of a Private OnLine Show on Facebook/Zoom... RSVP in the comments with a request for the invitation and link. Facebook: Paris/Giverny 2022 Request to join the Painter's Journey and Collector's Corner Watch this space for new images and updated all month long.  resources image courtesy of @DianneGowder

These are a Few of My Favorite Things!

Secret Ingredients, and how to use them! When I paint, in Oil, Watercolor, or In the Kitchen (cooking)...  then I often use a line to design, sketch or do some underpainting. Many times a tone of yellow,  mixed with some white and a bit of is used to sketch and block in some shapes and tone the background. A brighter tone mixed with orange? Or a very thin tone with less pigment, knowing it will be toned to blues and greens?   Yellow Ochre

Video Portfolio - October 2021

October 2021 Here's a little peek into the Art, Studio, Travel and Teaching by Suzanne Gibson To learn more, visit the Instagram page @SuzanneArtist Art Lessons with Suzanne @SuzanneGibsonArtist  or Suzanne's Art School on FaceBook email and more:  

April 2021 - Quick 5 Day Challenge / 5 New Paintings

 ROOSTERS a new collection in a variety of mediums. Today's Entry is a "Rooster" in Pastel on Gray Textured Paper / 12" x 12". Sketched in approximately 30 minutes while teaching my students how to draw a rooster!

Behind the Scenes: Who is in my back pocket?

Every once in a while it is important to stop and assess where I am and how I got here. It is so important to recognize the important people around you, and  those who have an influence on you and your business and a positive and productive energy that is a compliment to your life, and your business and your overall life and lifestyle.    In our current "Covid" climate it is essential to realize that adaption is needed, as is a little bit of "Thank you" and "Here ya go" to keep us all moving forward. So my Family: yes... of course my parents, brother & husband, as well as my kids...  Certainly support me and realize my spontaneous, creative visions are sometimes like a kaleidoscope... colorful, chaotic, confusing, but ultimately encapsulated for your viewing pleasure! My Friends: Those that show up.... Those that support....  Those that give a shout out....  You know who you are.  Creative supporters who by your very presence keep me functioning behind

Collectors Corners Q&A

As an art collector.... what draws you to a piece of art?  What inspires you to take a closer look? Do you seek out a particular color or theme,  or do you learn about individual artist?  What is important? What do you care about? As an artist I am always seeking that connection.  There's an inner voice that speaks to me that encourages me to share with you. Join me on FB/Zoom for some upcoming chats on Art, New Projects, and a Q & A session.   February: 13 / Love Letters March: 27 / Impression Expression Visit @suzanneartist Put your questions in the comments below so that I can respond during the upcoming chats! Cheers! Suzanne