Thursday, September 17, 2020

CV - Yes... I've updated it!

Writing about ones self is a daunting task.  When people ask what I do, I can tell them.  When people ask what I want to be doing, and I can give a general answer with a few specific details.  However, when asked to put it all down on paper it becomes quite daunting.  It's like asking someone to update their resume.  Which on it's own seems fairly simple... but then you need to focus in and use a microscope to determine what is important, and what is not necessarily at all.
I'm not trying to re-invent myself... however, I would say that over the past few decades it comes down to "fine tuning" and as wine lovers would agree, "maturing"...  

As an Artist:
I began my career with a box of crayons... then was encouraged with Oils, Calligraphy, Sewing, and Clay.  Anything I was curious about, I was given the tools, or books, or the method.  Encyclopedias were cool. 
I've now been a professional artist 🎨  for over 35 years.  The first half was spent launching and building my Interior Design and Fine Art Studio, and the Second half has been spent filling it. 
Painting has become my forte. Acrylic,  Oils, Watercolor, and a variety of mixed media... but COLOR..... Mixing Color is what I enjoy.
Exploring new locations and painting en Plein Air....Traveling to paint on location.... Attending workshops and instructional paint outs and demonstrations presented by prolific artists: Lori Putnam and Thomas Kitts, I find value in continuing to learn.  
Participate.... wherever I go, I try to do more than sit on the sidelines.  I'm usually the active participant.  I enjoy giving art demonstrations.  

Developing my style? Classic California  Impressionistic with thick lines and brush strokes.  Natural.  Soft Edges. I study the classics and develop a method to put into practice.  Primary colors. 

During this pandemic I've brought my studio on line.  This is something I've always thought about,  and wanted to do.  2020 gas made that happen.  ZoomStudio, YouTube Classrooms and Google Meets... I'm exploring it all.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Summer of Quarantine

It's hard to keep focused and busy when there's no where to go.
We have few obligations, yet we are busy keeping ourselves engaged, inspired, and with a sense of purpose.


So, in between paintings I am finding ways to explore in the kitchen.  Here's a colorful "Skittles" explosion cake with a hidden surprise inside for my friends son.  He turned 11 last week. 

 I have joined an Atelier group to keep my artist mind at work.  Our current challenge is to be a "Copy Master", which encourages me to study and learn from one of the old masters.  This is because we can't go to museums and sketch at the moment.  So I have selected works by William Henry Hunt for my master.  His watercolors of Flowers, Fruits, and Nests are beautiful.  I have been working on this floral and using small vignettes am working different sections throughout the month.

  I noticed last night that there was something moving on the Rosemary... and at closer look believe that teeny tiny caterpillars were nested inside and now are hatching, and eating the purple flowers.  So, I cannot keep this Rosemary and will need to replace it today... That's okay, I'm glad I noticed before I have a batch of Moths in my studio.

In my breaks from painting, I'm using watercolors and markers in my coloring books!

And of course, "Granny's Tea cup" is a lesson I've been working on.
This is done with Watercolor Pencils and direct Watercolor Painting!

A Previous On Line Demonstration was the Sunflower in Watercolor and Ink.

I enjoyed painting these sea shells.

The Primary Sailboat has become one of my first Kindergarten/Elementary lessons now.
I really have enjoyed various renditions.  Using Watercolors, Pastels, and Crayons.
It is starting to take on a "Van Gogh" effect with this one.  I also added some Acrylic Paints to this last one.

Field Trips are more challenging, but I did manage to go out to Echo Park a few weeks ago.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

September 2 & 3

Being Labor Day weekend, and warm, I was fortunate to carve out a bit of time on Monday Morning to paint with a group in Redondo Beach.  We went the Morrell House / Historical Museum at Domiguez Park.  It's a pretty house that I've been to before (years ago) when Fiona was little.  I enjoy the rose garden the quite a bit. 

I took the opportunity to reflect on the workshops I did with Lori Putnam and Thomas Kitts when I was in Wexford in July.  Reflective Surfaces, Plains, Light, Shadows, and Blocks of Color.

September 2, 2019

"Morrell House & Rose Garden"

16" x 12" Oil on Canvas

 September 3, 2019


10" x 10" Oil on Linen primed with clear Gesso

The Plumerias are blooming well in this warm weather.  This is the second year I've had multiple blooms on what once appeared to be a stick coming out of a pot... and not much more. 
Fortunately the bright white blooms are also fragrant.  I think I'll be moving these into a bigger, prettier pot before the end of the week.... Where they are is quite lonely...

Sunday, September 1, 2019

September Challenge

30 Days of Paintings.

Fresh Paintings.

New, off the easel and DAILY!



10" x 10" Oil on Linen Canvas with Clear Gesso

Picked from the Garden.... (to be eaten later)... but first, onto to the table for a little fresh painting.

Friday, August 16, 2019

July 29th - Dumnore East

First Painting of the day, this cove at Dunmore East.  The tide was coming in, so time on the beach was limited, and I didn't fancy walking down with all my gear.  Some brave artists did.

 The girls found a little area to sit and sketch too!

After lunch I had a workshop with
Lori Putnam

... and then it began to rain...
and we stayed and kept on watching the workshop.