Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer is Coming...

Summer this year for me involves my children, a lot of back-yard time, and perhaps a short-distance road trip... and LOTS OF ART. 

Yellow roses that grow in my mother's garden.  This is a Watercolor Rendering.
We will start with the front garden, and get it tidied up and add some fresh plants and flowers.  We will create more "focal points" for our painting sessions.  One of the best activites is to give the children a drawing board set up with paper, a pack of watercolors, and just let them find a quiet place to paint and play. 

To find a colorful sunset scribbled on a 3"x 5" piece of notepaper is a treat.  This was done by my 5-year old daughter.
A multi-colored rose.  Illustration - Black ink with Colored Pencil.  I have made this into a blackline coloring page for my daughter and have several variations.  I took the final image (shown here) and have made it into greeting/note-cards.
At times it maybe too chilly to sit out in the garden, but sitting on the patio where I am surrounded by many potted plants can be quite inspiring.

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