Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May: Taking Time to Share and Explore...

Everyone is busy pulling together what is left of a school year and amping up for summer.  So where is May left in all this?  It's that calm of what next or now what?  What are your plans?  Are you going anywhere special?  For those with children there comes the questions such as, What camp or programs are your kids going to do this summer?  Where are you going to go?  And as parents we are asking ourselves, "What are we supposed to do with "them" for the next twelve weeks?"

Parents are supposed to be the caretakers, entertainers, breakfast, lunch and dinner makers for the children. Yes, this is all a part of parenting and what we love and live for, but it can also be a daunting thought. 

So...  needless to say, with 3 kids of my own I have this dilemma too,... and without an unlimited budget the constant, "Well, what is that going to cost me?" comes with every suggested plan or activity.  So when cost and value for money come into the equation, I'm certainly there with you with my calculator in hand. 

As an artist... a creative type... as a mom of two boys and a girl... and a dog...  I do my best to balance my summer activities into realistic and fun, along with what has to be done.  All three children are in group activities such as scouts and swimming.  They will participate in a few things with friends, and day camps at the local nature center.  All three of them will be assistant to me at various art clinics and workshops.

I consider myself a "team mom" too, in that I will gladly take a bunch of kids for a day in exchange for some kid-free time too.  It's a trade off for everyone and keeps a balance.  

Want to share some ideas of your own for great summer activities and ideas for a kid-friendly excursion?  Share some thoughts on a craft or art infused play-date?  Do you have a desire to play with paints?  Come on and join me for a Summer of Color!  I will be teaching all summer and you are invited to join in the fun with me.  

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