Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 15 / Half Way!!

Today's Painting was inspired by my friends brother, who photographed this old car outside an antique shop in Uruguay.  It goes to tell you that inspiration comes from all over the world for me.

"Antique Shop, Uruguay"
Oil on Burlap
$ 350 / This item is available,
Will arrange delivery once oil is dry and ready to ship.

I challenged myself to get this painting from it's raw burlap panel to complete in less than two hours, and I did it!  I started at 12:00 and was complete before 2:00.  I purposely kept the painting loose and avoided the small brushes until the very end, to add numbers and the horse shoe.  As the reds in the car and garage door were very similar, I used my artistic license to make adaptations accordingly.

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